Early Away

Seems like recently I’ve been running around at 1000mph. Obviously not literally, that would be pretty incredible but you know that feeling when your brain is just full and buzzing with the days events? It feels like a tin of bees left on a portch on a sunny day. I’m fine if you leave me alone to deal with it, but open me up and it will be loud, messy and someone will get hurt.

Luckily I’d booked to go away for most of the week with the GF on a camping vanning holiday to wales. I was looking forward to not doing work (or at least not as much of it) for a few days. A group of friends had booked to stay at a cool site right out on a peninsular of sand off the coast of north wales. Relatively close to Snowdonia and the mountains and with a huge beach of fine golden sand, there would be plenty of opportunity for entertainment at Shell Island campsite.

Stocking the cooler with food for a few days (and beer for a few more) I headed over to collect the GF and her dog. Straight out of work and into the van, it was a Tuesday so there was minimal traffic and we made it in good time to our first stop. Tom’s house in Bewdley. It would have been a 4 and half hour drive if we I did it in one go so figured we would stop in for the night.

It was nice to see him again and see him recovering from his injuries. Not too long ago, he had managed to slide face first down a glacier in the alps and into a crevasse breaking his shoulder and other assorted bones. He lives on a outdoor educational camp ground and runs the activities so I knew he wouldn’t be sitting around for long. They also have chickens on the site so we stocked up on wholesome free range eggs for the week. We also took advantage of the last shower we thought we would see for a few days because the next nights we planned to be wild camping vanning.

PS: The header photo isn’t anything to do with today but it was just an awesome photo I took while there… blissful