Slap your Dong on the table

Out of all the currencies available, Dong is probably the funniest for an immature englishman. It doesn’t take much explaining how countless jokes are created; Just one example conversation,

” I’ve lost my Dong!”

“Can you lend me your Dong?”

“Can I pay in Dong?”

“I pulled out my Dong and gave the waitress a healthy tip”

It’s not mature but had us in peels of laughter discussing our upcoming trip to Vietnam. My mate, let’s call him Mike, has been travelling since Christmas all over east Asia. He has been saving for a long time for this and has now done what most of us only dream about; Quit the day-job, pack a bag, box up your life, and head out into the world to see what mayhem is available.

Since both of us have recently broken up with our long term girlfriends we have both been lusting after some adventure and travel. Being a motorcyclist, it has long been a dream of mine to bike around the far flung reaches of the world.

On a motorbike you experience EVERYTHING that country has to offer, and it’s mostly due to the exposure. It was Ted Simon, author of one of the most dog-eared books I own, who first illustrated this point to me; people are more respectful and careful of travel motorcyclists because they can see how exposed you are on the road. In my experience this is definitely the case. I have certainly experienced far more of the places I’ve travelled through because I was on a motorbike. There is no tin box and TV windshield protecting and alienating you from your surroundings. On a motorbike you are right there, a person (with funny clothes on) who people can identify with a whole lot easier.

Mike, is not a motorcyclist, or even a cyclist. He has ridden exactly once before and loved it. He drives a car regularly and he’s got the enthusiasm but nowhere near as much experience as me as a motorcyclist. So it’s going to be interesting when we land in Ho Chi Minh, one of the most densely motorcycle populated cities in the world. I am told it’s a far cry from even London traffic, of which I have scarey experiences.

So, the plan is to buy motorbikes – I say motorbikes – they will actually be scooters (which I’m allergic to in the UK) And motorbike from Ho Chi Minh, formerly Saigon, in the south to Hanoi in the north. Any one can see we got the idea from the Top Gear special. It’s a great idea as far as we are concerned! Motorbikes cost about £300-500 and we hope to sell them for nearly that much at the other end.

I depart on Sunday for a month, see ya later drizzly England!