Diego The Drinks Duck

I dunno how Aimi took so long to pack this morning but after breakfast I was straight out and enjoying the sun and pool for as long as possible. After all, it was our last morning here!

We had decided the Beach bar was our favourite place for breakfast. Toes in the sand, under the palms and the sun with a view of the water, it’s really nice. I indulged in pancakes and maple syrup with crispy bacon for the last time along with a glass of Pineapple juice – my favourite holiday drink. I know I have access to pineapple juice in the UK, but it just doesn’t taste right from a warm bottle on a stuffy damp train surrounded by sweaty commuters in the dank 4 pm darkness…

I was lucky to find a bed by the pool, but not a towel today. I just lay there listening to my book and enjoying the feeling of the sun breaking thru the clouds and warming the air. I managed about 30 mins of direct sun before I had to get in the, still chilly, pool to cool off. I’ve no idea how people spend all day laying in this heat. The sea breeze is like opening the door to a sauna, I could almost feel my skin sizzling like the breakfast bacon. For the last time I dove into the pool and leisurely paddled my way over to the swim up bar. Mud Slide, a chocolate and cream liqueur cocktail passed over the counter to Diego the Drinks Duck for safekeeping before we both bobbed back to our corner of the pool.

I found a happy medium by sitting in the shallowest part of the pool where the water would keep my legs and butt cool but the sun warmed my body. Leaning against the side, I bathed in the sun with Diego keeping me company, and importantly, hydrated. With unlimited free quality alcoholic drinks available, staying hydrated becomes more than important, its a hunt for your personal best. But its a bit surreal listening to an ebook about medieval castles under siege by goblins in the depths of winter while drinking cocktails by the pool…

Too soon it was time to return to the room to shower and put the last few things in my bag before checking out. We had a big lunch at the beach bar – burger with shrimp and pineapple on it – before getting collected to be taken to the airport. 

The next 2 and half hours was spent in a traffic jam for a journey that google said should take 45 mins… by the time we got to the terminal, the driver was sending pictures of the traffic to, presumably, his boss, it was so bad. We quickly sorted ourselves out and got thru check in, security, a pointless form that no one collected and found our gate before we relaxed. From our experience arriving in Mexico, and the crush of people we faced now, we didn’t think we would make it, but it didn’t actually take that long.

I’m now sitting on the plane with my fiance beside me, returning to England to start a new chapter together. We both really loved Mexico, so much so, I think we will be back here very soon.

In other news, on the plane home I watched 2 of the Christian Bale Batman films and they are so awesome; how did DC get all the other films so badly wrong?