Best Road In Britain

Probably one of my first “Blog Posts” was actually a document I created on Facebook, way back in March 2011. So, other than correcting my terrible grammar, here is it:

I’ve been up and down the country on my motorbike and I wanted to share the best road I have found.

The reason I’ve chosen it is because it’s mostly empty or at least more empty than the most travelled “best british roads”, so it’s actually drivable like you want to drive the best roads, not on the limit but shifting along nicely.

It’s a string of roads so here goes:

  • B5066 out of Stafford (amazingly good road that’s been recently repaved so is immaculately smooth)
  • Follow the road right at hilderstone onto a small un-numbered road and then straight all the way to the end
  • Do a quick Right-Left onto the Cheadle road, surprisingly, at the end of which you take a Right and you end up in Cheadle..
  • After a bit of pleasant small village riding, peel off Right towards Froghall on the A521 which has, going in this direction the best road into a gorge ever (when its dry)
  • Right onto the A52 briefly before turning Left onto the B5053 which is another great twisty road up a gorge
  • At the end go straight across the A523 onto another brilliantly empty fast road (still B5053) and just between Onecote and Warslow is the best left right left to get your knee down EVER!
  • At the end do another quick Right-Left onto the A5270, fantastically twisty fast road
  • At the end do ANOTHER Right-Left onto the B6049 which goes down a great gorge with some great hairpins and decent swoopy bits
  • At the end can you guess… Right-Left… again and a the end of this amazing group of roads you are in the heart of the Peak District!

It’s my favourite collection of roads in britain… Scotland is all amazing… just, all of it. Which is why its not included…

But for the best way to go north from the midlands these are the most empty, best, swoopy roads to use.


Suggestions of better roads?

Answers on a postcard