Bathroom Plans

As a bloke, it’s an unwritten rule that you don’t talk to each other while in the bathroom. No one wants to be addressed whilst holding their junk. And for good reason, the automatic response is to turn and face your new friend, which you wouldn’t keep very long if you were mid flow…

Also, as a bloke, we get a bit indignant if we have to wait to use the toilet. For us, we can go anywhere so waiting in a queue seems unnecessarily restrictive. On a flight this is emphasised by the small space as toilets are unisex meaning we are effectively joining a really long line of women.

As an honorary woman for the duration of this queue I got chatting to a chap called Simon. He is an electrician in the UK, travelling to Thailand to see his girlfriend and son. They live there full time and he splits his life by working for 6 months in the UK and then living the other 6 months in Thailand where he doesn’t work. He has bought a piece of land and over the years is building a house for his family to live in. I’m sure there are other complexities to his situation that a 20 min bathroom break chin-wag haven’t covered, but it’s certainly inspiring. His plan also typifies something I’ve noticed in people recently.

A growing shift in priorities, choosing lifestyle over longevity. Doing something now that is awesome and not playing the long game. Our fathers saved and scrimped and banked on pensions coming to maturity. Saving hard for a nest egg and rainy days and retirement funds…. Zzzzz

I think as “my generation” finishes their degrees and go out into the world of work and earn disposable income for the first time, they pour this into the moment. It makes for some truly awesome #instagram photos but I wonder what will come of us when we are old?

I’m trying to walk a line between the two but for too long now I have been watching with green envy as people go about their explorations and indulgences. I don’t feel I’ve missed out too much but I’ve certainly been making hay while the sun is shining and sacrificing some of the now. Simons life is something I definitely aspire to lead, but also keeping something tucked away for future is my plan. I want to have the best of my father’s generation, the nest egg, while also enjoying my life.

Who knows if I will succeed? But I’m making plans, not having dreams.

In other news, I’m sitting in a Hong-Kong restaurant staring into a bowl of what looks like a cross between wallpaper paste and cat sick. The only indication it is actually edible are the token rings of spring onion topping it off and a guy sitting next to me slurping like crazy as if its his last meal!