The Van with a Plan

The Van

I bought this van from a dealer who sells old police vans. It has windows in the back and structural tracking in the floor for extra seats. It’s got a roof vent with fan for ventilation. It’s short wheelbase so fits in a std size car parking space but medium height so I can uncomfortably stand and more importantly I can get a bike in the back easily. It’s front wheel drive so I keep max headroom in the back and also really powerful because it’s ex-plod and I refuse to be the slow camper crawling up a hill in wales.

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Van-ishing Trick

Time to start a new adventure…

For a long time I have been thinking about my transport requirements and travelling. I love travelling by motorbike (can you tell?) day to day they are just better than cars but long distances by motorbike are pretty boring. Motorways are dull as dishwater and don’t do the bike any favours either in terms of mega miles on the clock. I’ve been all over europe on the Versys, my motorbike for the last 7 years. She’s a dear old lady now but I bought her new 47k miles ago. Continue reading Van-ishing Trick


Fong Nha national park tour

Some people have some strange fantasies, and we won’t go into them. But usual ones include, climbing everest, reaching the poles, learning a new language, flying like a bird, having a bath of chocolate. Well the last two we got to do today and it is exactly as amazing as you think!

One of the tours from Easy Tiger hostel took in the best bits of the National park. We all piled into a transit minibus and bumped along the wobbly roads. Again I was a little hung over and being in a hot, swaying bus was not helping. When we stopped at a temple it was just in time to prevent me spewing.

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