Knee Rehab

Since the operation and the time I spent off my feet beforehand, I’ve lost muscle mass and considerable strength in my leg. I compensated, to be able to move around, by over-using my other leg so now my body is a little lop-sided. One marvelously muscular leg and one shrivelled sack of meat being dragged around. Ok so thats a bit exaggerated but I definitely have a difference in capability (and appearance)

I’ve had an assessment and the nice physiotherapist lady at the hospital gave me some exercises to do. There is nothing really complicated about it; tense this, hold that position, balance on one leg. Except one exercise for working the VMO muscle. Its on the inside of the knee at the bottom of the quads and is bloody difficult to tense on command!

Aside from the exercises the interesting thing I’ve noticed Continue reading Knee Rehab