I’ve got a floor to settle with you

In a house you start from the top of a room and work down, well I ignored my holes in the roof and started on the floor because I’m just so excited to start!!!

I have an aluminium floor that, helpfully (sarcasm) only goes halfway down the length of the van making it uneven. Helpfully (not sarcasm) this aluminium floor does have anchor tracking in it that will be really useful for mounting useful things to. Things like extra seats, cupboards or motorbike wheel locking devices, you know, the usual. So first job is to build up the floor to a consistent level and make it as smooth as possible.

I’ve done a lot of Pinterest based research and most posts say you have to use foil, to reflect infrared heat. Then bulk insulation, I’ve used something called “non itch” eco-insulation made from shredded bottles. Next comes the plywood floor, held down with screws and flexible glue on batons to stop the bulk getting crushed too much. It took a bit of thumping to seat and level it properly but now the carpet tiles have gone down, you wouldn’t know it was DIY! Just a quick note: there is no way in hell, infrared light is going to make it past carpet and plywood and bulk insulation before half a millimetre of foil is going to deny its progress out of my van… #justsaying

I’ve got to get the tracking blasted or rubbed down because now it’s all bumped and scuffed next to smooth, even carpet it looks naff. I have also kept the edging strips that came out the van. I don’t know if I will use them yet because they have bright yellow health and safety grippy rubber bits on them and I hate that stuff. But it would do a really good job of protecting the edges, and they are already cut to length. So maybe it’s laziness that I’m not getting something better…